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About ESG Research Foundation

ESG Research Foundation (ERF) is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in 2021 with the objective of increasing awareness and adoption of the growing importance of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of the business operations, both within public and private sector.

ERF is set up by a team of leading chartered accountants in India and UK with 70+ years of combined experience in proving business and regulatory advisory services to leading Indian and global multinationals.

ERF team has worked extensively with PSUs and multiple state and local government bodies on various regulatory initiatives and has also collaborated with international bodies like the World Bank and IFC to successfully deliver social impact projects like affordable housing.

ERF aims to achieve its objective by undertaking projects focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals (e.g., Climate Action, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Zero Hunger, etc.) and wider ESG aspects of business operations (e.g., Circular Economy, Net-zero transition, etc.).

The aim is to work alongside government bodies, private and public sector businesses and societies to support their transition to more sustainable operations and in-turn enable achievement of India’s ESG and climate related goals.

What We Do

ERF provides support in relation to an organization’s end-to-end ESG requirements across their value chain, from initial assessment to policy setting to supporting with implementation as well as eventual reporting.

ESG Awareness

Through webinars, seminars, trainings and lecture meetings, we strive to raise awareness in organizations and communities about the importance of ESG and how it can help achieve commercial and operational objectives, whilst creating a positive impact on environment and societies.

ESG Policy and Strategy support

We work with senior management of corporates and regulatory bodies to develop strategic frameworks and establish short- to long- term ESG goals. We also recommend strategies to realize benefits of ESG opportunities and mitigate any identified ESG risks.

ESG Implementation

We help organizations design a strategic implementation plan that is aligned with the company’s wider ESG targets and objectives. This includes project management support as well as assistance with amending legal contracts, internal policies, etc. as required.

ESG Reporting

We support organisations in managing their engagement with external and internal stakeholders on ESG related matters. This includes ESG data collection & management, and preparing reports based on Indian (SEBI BRSR) and global standards and frameworks like GRI, UN SGDs, TCFD, SASB/VRF, ISSB, etc

About Green Skill

Environmental, Social and Governance are the three key factors to consider when measuring an organisation’s Sustainability. Green Skill conducts Survey of organisations/companies to have an insider view of their ESG plans and practices and identify areas of improvement.

It is a tool which helps evaluate the ESG/Sustainability preparedness of an organisation’s business actions -

  • Benchmark the organization against peers recognized for their leadership in ESG efforts
  • harnessing the potential of employees and workers to realize ESG goals of the organisation/company
  • Identify strengths as well as areas of improvements.
  • Deep dive into Sustainability/ ESG Goals and Challenges.
  • Enhance ESG Ratings
  • Due Diligence of ESG Requirements and Become BRSR/other related laws Compliant
  • Helpful to Investors/financial institutions/Stakeholders for decision making.
  • Prevent from Greenwashing

The Survey Product is a collaborative effort between Green Skill and ESG Research Foundation