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Assess Sustainability and ESG Preparedness

Roadmap Towards Net Zero

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ESG Survey Tool Provides

A Tool to Assess Performance of an Organization on Three Areas - Environmental, Social and Governance and Identify Areas of Improvement.
Due Diligence of ESG Requirements and Become BRSR/Global Laws Compliant.
Helpful to Financial Institutions/Investors to Identify Companies with Higher Level of Sustainability and Reduce Potential Financial Risks.
With an ESG Survey Tool, you can quickly assess the effectiveness of your ESG efforts with your employees.

Accelerate your ESG Strategy
Assess with a Single Platform

BRSR - Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting
TCFD - Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
GRI - Global Reporting Initiative
ISSB - International Sustainability Standards Board

Survey results will provide insights into the effectiveness of your ESG Strategy

  • Benchmark your organization against others recognized for leadership in ESG efforts
  • Identify your strengths as well as areas where you can improve
  • Deep dive into Sustainability/ ESG Goals and Challenges
  • Enhance ESG Ratings
  • Prevent from Greenwashing
benchmarks of your results against dimensions critical to ESG success as well as a breakdown of segments of your employee population by engagement level so you can navigate the scope of the task ahead.

Your employees and workers look to their organisation to support and invest in their well-being. They also want their organisation to demonstrate its commitment to the core tenets of ESG – protecting the environment, enhancing social impact and diversity and inclusion, investing responsibly and ensuring effective corporate governance.

Actionable insights from your ESG Survey allow you to quickly identify how to better support your ESG strategy internally.

Supporting in building an organization towards Net Zero

Dedicated Team of Experts

Helpful in capacity building